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About the Farm

Cobble Hill Education & Rescue is a 25 acre property in beautiful Williamstown, Massachusetts. Our mission is to serve the community by engaging students and families to learn about and enjoy the many benefits of farming and our natural environment. We will offer engaging experiential learning opportunities for students & educators integrated with our animal rescue operation. 

What We Do

We have formed a 5013c non-profit an animal rescue to support animals and their owners who can no longer care for them. Our goal with each animal who arrives on our farm will be to rehabilitate them - physically and otherwise - and to seek to re-home them whenever possible. We will provide educational enrichment opportunities for students in the Northern Berkshire area. These programs will support our rescue mission at the same time that they educate the non-farming community about the joys and challenges of running a small farm in the region. Our offerings will evolve to meet the needs of the community. 

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Who We Are

Jane Swift

Founder & President

Renee Dodds

Vice President

Sue Wells

Founding Executive Director of CHF Education Center

Join the Cause

We have obtained official 5013c non-profit status! We can now accept donations that offer tax deductibility


​We are diligently building our community support through donations, educational expertise, and volunteers. If you would like to contribute you can get involved through:

  • Discounts:  does your business have materials that are needed for our projects?

  • Sponsorship: the six-week CHARM summer program equates to $1800 per student (go to the navigation bar and click the page titled "CHARM" to learn more)

  • Expertise: are you a subject matter expert in a professional area of focus & willing to help our students this summer for an hour, a day, or a project?

Share your ideas. Let us know if there is an animal that needs our love. And we can always use volunteers!

If you want to support or learn more about how we might partner, please contact our Executive Director, Sue Wells, at or our Founder and President, Jane Swift, at

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