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Kids at the Farm

School Visits

CHfARM Programming

Our Program for Visiting Schools is designed to work collaboratively with educators to introduce students to experiential, place-based learning that is only possible on a farm. We co-design the day’s activities with grade-level learning in mind. We also seek to tie the day’s activities into our goal of exposing students, in an age-appropriate manner, to the three career clusters that are natural fits for our farm: animal science, horticulture, and construction & engineering.


Similar to all our education programming, our goal is to use our hands-on activities to help students find meaning and joy in their education and discover new areas of interest that lead to more significant opportunities for fulfillment and purpose. We also value work and know that the projects we undertake on the farm will teach strong life skills that will empower students.  We encourage schools to schedule recurring visits over several months during the school year to make the most of the resources available at the farm each season. 

Schools are not charged to participate, but we do ask for their feedback which we use to raise philanthropic and grant funds to staff our program and to provide the necessary supplies. If interested, fill out the form below to begin a conversation about your school coming to CHfARM.

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