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Summer Program

We engage in work-based, experiential learning directed by our students with well-defined parameters guided by exceptional teachers assisted by inspirational college mentors and enthusiastic high school apprentices. Our middle-school learners will rotate through farm-based chores that benefit the rescue animals living at the farm and that contribute to our environmental stewardship goals. There will be weekly projects focused on three key career clusters: animal science, horticulture, and construction & engineering. The team-based focal projects chosen by the students will also fall into one of these sectors.


CHfARM seeks students with potential, and our summer program has been designed to eliminate barriers to participation. The program will begin at 8:30am each morning, is free to nominated students, and transportation will be provided from North Adams. We also strive to engage our students and their families, and regular family events are part of our programming. Students will be provided with a healthy lunch and ample snacks during the day, often consisting of food grown wholly or partly on the farm.


Summer is also a time for fun! While we are confident our learning and work projects will provide enjoyment, we will also offer water recreation, games, and singing - all the enrichment activities our children need and deserve in the summer! We will also build in quiet time for reading and rest - much needed after hard work, fresh air, good food, and active fun.

Their school will recommend students for our Middle School Summer Learning program. To find out if your school partners with us, fill out the Contact Us box below!

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